SEE Monitor, or South-East Europe Monitor is a non-profit Association with branches and associates in Bulgaria, Sweden, Austria, Serbia as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are a team of licensed experts and freelance consultants in international relations, foreign affairs, institution and capacity building, communication, psychology, IT, finance and law. The Association was founded by Valentin Nikolov and Henrik Winterstam in 2016.

We keep a close eye on home developments and European Integration trends of the countries in South-East Europe, with a common aim – making this part of the world, which is also our home, a better place to live. South-East Europe is a vast area, which spans from Slovenia in the north to Turkey in the south and from Albania in the west to Moldova in the east. The domains that we monitor include domestic politics, international relations, economy, culture, regional development and integration trends.

Our goals:

  • To be a one-stop-shop for news and analysis about the South-East Europe region; to provide our readers with the latest updates several times per hour
  • Developing the civil society
  • Encouraging transparency and dialogue
  • Consulting local communities and public executives about inclusive policies and civilian control over government institutions
  • Promoting regional cooperation and cohesion
  • Supporting corporate charity and corporate social responsibility

SEE Monitor is registered in line with the existing EU regulations.

You can reach us on editors@seemonitor.org.